The Long Deployment, is a film adaptation of Jehanne Dubrow's original poem. A selection of the 6th season of Motion Poems, a project that pairs contemporary filmmakers with poets. The film was also an official selection of the MSPIFF.

This film visualizes the idea of longing and what we do in that space. The digestion of when a loved one is no longer present. The poem reminded me of a box of scarves I now possess that were once worn by my grandmother. Every now and then, i open it and can smell her and am instantly filled with the bittersweet memories of her light and beauty. She taught me unconditional love, and when she passed away I felt split into a million pieces. 

The film features the talents of Grace Gummer, Britt Bogan, Mark Noseworthy, and the gorgeous music of Benji Lysaght.

It's a super lovely project which I am proud to be a part of, check out other films here and Jehanne's work here.



Movi Kanti Revo is a sensory Chrome Experiment that explores new ways for users to navigate through a digital narrative. The user follows a mysterious character through a surreal world as she teaches us how to navigate using gesture and tones. 

Utilizing a combination of traditional cinematic techniques and HTML5. The environment is built entirely with markup and CSS. Like set pieces on stage, divs, imgs, small videos and other elements are positioned in a 3D space using CSS. Using the new getUserMedia API enabled a whole new way of interacting with the experiment, instead of using the keyboard or mouse, a JavaScript facial detection library tracks your head and moves the environment along with you. More info about the technology on the Chrome Experiments site here and on the HTML5 Rocks site here



Had the pleasure directing the Growl's latest single 'Dance with Me’.  Cameron Avery of Tame Impala croons to the beautiful Alexa Chung in wardrobe by Saint Laurent. This is just a teaser of the dynamic duo in action, full film is due to be released any day now.

YARIS. It's a car!


Toyota Yaris, It's a Car! How do you sell a remarkably basic car? One that has no awesome features to speak of? We decided to celebrate the fact that it’s got no awesome features to speak of! “It’s a car” was an all digital campaign that was centered around the most innovative website for one of the most basic cars. With the hilarious Micheal Showalter as our host, itsacar.com is an experimental HTML5 site that utilizes WebGL, realtime physics simulation, dynamic & adaptive sound, CSS3 and Multi User Socket Communication. Massive props to an amazing client who was willing to take a chance, in return Toyota reached 80% of the 2012 Yaris sales goal by February. It was also featured here on Google’s Creative Sandbox.





Had the absolute pleasure directing this music video for Odessa's first single 'I Will Be There.' She is a true muse and delight. We shot  in downtown LA , at the most Cinema Paradisio-esque theater (after the fire). It was a splendid day for sure.

Check out Odessa's full album here.





Unfortunately, I can't really talk about this project. But it was a massive amount of work and so incredible to work on. I worked closely with the creators of the show as it was being developed. Weeks in Vegas, sitting in the theater in awe of all the talented people, work, and creativity. I'm so proud of my contribution and honored to be asked along for the ride. Maybe I can moonwalk the project's concept out for you? hahaha!



This is a compilation of a series of teasers I created for DJ Audrey Napoleon. Four short films were "leaked" to roll out her ep Ornamental Egos. It was a blast to work with her and all the fine ladies that shook and shimmed.

You can check out Audrey's beat here.


MinCine is an interactive film idea I began working on in 2009. It is inspired by my want to imagine a new way of storytelling that does not rely on the linear A to B format.

Like Interlude but even more interactive, the main feature is the ability to create a cause and effect in the narrative. The users actions create a reaction, as we allow the user to add or subtract characters, this combination effects the narrative, as it would in real-life. A dinner party conversation would surely change with the addition/subtraction of dinner guests. A performance would morph into something splendidly different when the amount of performers were adjusted.

In the video, you see that cinematic controls are also offered. This was a mere scratch of what kind of controls we can hand over to the user eventually (gesture, movement, camera angle, etc). Additionally, our environment may change as our perspectives grow and morph. What if we could change our "theater" seat? What may be revealed in the narrative that we wouldn't see or hear otherwise?



An oldie but goodie...too bad we didn't have anamorphic lens and 5k cameras at our disposal back then! I think it's still worthy of a peek though. I long to make more dreamy and delicious fables like this in the future.

Una Favola was a self-funded film, in which I wore many many hats, including directing, writing, art directing, fashion designing, illustrating, and cake design! The voiceover was done by the most lovely Italian barber in Boston. The film was featured in the fashion film festival  A Shaded View of Fashion and the Korean Film Festival.

The moral of this little tale is to always appreciate and take very good care of those you love. Otherwise, when they die you'll hate yourself. hahaha! der.