THE GROWL Dance With Me


This is a sneak peek! Just a taste!

Had the absolute pleasure to work with Cameron Averoy (from Tame Impala fame) for his first video off of his epic new record. Featuring the lovely Alexa Chung, we danced the night away in the Haas Brother's studio and snuck in their vintage wheels too. : )

Check out Cam here.



Had the absolute pleasure directing this music video for Odessa's first single 'I Will Be There.' She is a true muse and delight. We shot  in downtown LA , at the most Cinema Paradisio-esque theater (after the fire). It was a splendid day for sure.

Check out Odessa's full album here.




The Long Deployment, is a film adaptation of Jehanne Dubrow's original poem. A selection of the 6th season of Motion Poems, a project that pairs contemporary filmmakers with poets.

This film visualizes the idea of longing and what we do in that space. The digestion of when a loved one is no longer present. The poem reminded me of a box of scarves I now possess that were once worn by my grandmother. Every now and then, i open it and can smell her and am instantly filled with the bittersweet memories of her light and beauty. She taught me unconditional love, and when she passed away I felt split in a million pieces. For weeks, I reflected on the many memories of her through our long life together. Throughout my mourning for her, I realized that the essence of her love will forever be in me.

The film features the talents of Grace Gummer, Britt Bogan, Mark Noseworthy, and the gorgeous music of Benji Lysaght.

It's a super lovely project which I am proud to be a part of, check out other films here and Jehanne's work here.



This is a compilation of a series of teasers I created for DJ Audrey Napoleon. Four short films were "leaked" to roll out her ep Ornamental Egos. It was a blast to work with her and all the fine ladies that shook and shimmed.

You can check out Audrey's beat here.



Four years in the making! And soon to premiere at a secret posh festival in Costa Rica! Ooh la la!

This is a sneak peek at "Something New Will Grow." A story of a girl who literally loses her head and her quest to find it. A fashion story featuring MoonSpoon Saloon designs that was shot all over the fine city of LA. This is one of my favorite scenes (sans color and fx) a fight scene between those that took it and the effects it has on her and her friends. 



An oldie but goodie...too bad we didn't have anamorphic lens and 5k cameras at our disposal back then! I think it's still worthy of a peek tho. I long to make more dreamy and delicious fables like this in the future.

Una Favola was a self-funded film, in which i wore many many hats, including directing, writing, art directing, fashion designing, and illustrationing, and cake design! The voiceover was done by the most lovely Italian barber in Boston. The film was featured in the fashion film festival A Shaded View of Fashion and the Korean Film Festival.

The moral of this little tale is to always appreciate and take very good care of those you love. Otherwise, when they die you'll hate yourself. hahaha! der.



This is a short film I directed for for Motorola. Three director's were selected to interpret a script, each film was then cut in to chapters and interactively the user could slice and dice them together. Flip Phones!!!

Fun fact: The job spanned 4 months and the campaign was short lived, 'cause some jerk was cutting up people with razors on the Tube in London. Boo Hiss Hiss.