This VR interactive experience was created exclusively for Microsoft to promote their new Windows Mixed Reality Platform. The full immersive App was premiered both as a 5 minute In-Store demo experience and the long form is available in the WMR home.

In FREE THE NIGHT, the liberation begins in the canyons at twilight, shadowed hills frame an iconic city view. Nighttime lights litter the scene, radiating an amber glow that bleeds up into the night sky. We are massive giants, gently but firmly, ridding the unnatural light to unveil a glorious star scape. We are able to pull up street lamps as if they are wildflowers and persuade lights out of buildings with a gesture of our hands. Each diminished light emits gorgeous embers that are a cross between fireflies and fireworks. These playful interactive embers swarm around us, as if to thank us, before returning to where they once lived as stars. As the lights are turned off, and the sky is slowly taken back, we are gifted to a truly magnificent interactive display - the heavens are free!

HUE, is a touch-based interactive tale about a man who has lost his ability to see color.  It tells a universal story about how it feels to be sad and how to communicate with sad people.

HUE had the honor of being selected for the 2016 Sundance Frontier Lab. His first chapter premiered at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival, the Festival De Cannes, and was a finalist at the Future of Storytelling Prize: People's Choice Award


Super secret project!